Coronation Schnitzel Recipe

Coronation Cordon Bleu Schnitzel

An epic tribute to the traditional Coronation Chicken dish popular at street parties in the UK since 1953, George Egg and The Sausage Man present: the Coronation Schnitzel Recipe!

Street Party Gold

This great quick dish is easy to make in minutes, and would make a great option if you’re planning to celebrate the King’s Coronation in 2023.

Long Live The King!

With his Majesty King Charles III’s Coronation now planned for Saturday 6 May, and the special Bank Holiday “Proclaimed” for Monday 8 May 2023, royalists up and down the country are getting their prep in early… 70 years since the creation of the original Coronation Chicken recipe, this new German twist on the UK classic is sure to be a winner with your street party guests.

Which Came First – Coronation Chicken or George Egg?

Coronation Chicken took an entire month to perfect (according to this BBC article) ahead of the Queen’s June 1953 Coronation Banquet. One of the creators of the original recipe, Angela Wood, was a Cordon Bleu cookery school student when she worked on the dish. George Egg turned up a lot later, with his (now rather ironically titled) “Anarchist Cook” comedy cookery show launching in 2015 at the Edinburgh Fringe. You can find George, the “Snack Hacker”, Egg on Instagram here.

Anarchist Cook – Monarchist Dish

Why did The Sausage Man ask this cooking anarchist to create a monarchy themed dish? We didn’t. George came up with the fantastic, fit-for-a-king, snack without any prompting whatsoever. Find out more about George Egg and his Comedy here now to see if you can work out what his motivations might be… We’re still not sure.

A Simple Coronation Snack

With the original flavours of a classic Coronation Chicken combined with a crisp Cordon Bleu Pork Schnitzel, you can serve this street-food style dish as a burger or salad. It’s super easy to prepare, makes an ideal option for all the family, and it works with pretty much every Schnitzel in The Sausage Man range.

Easy to Adapt Coronation Schnitzel Recipe For Plant-Based Diet

Adapt this dish to other diets easily with a couple of quick changes. Substitute the meaty Schnitzel with Vegan Schnitzel, using Vegan Mayo and a Vegan Brioche Bun, for a quick Vegan Coronation option. You can also leave out the bun in favour of salad, just toss the sliced Schnitzel in along with the other ingredients.

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George Egg Recipe 1 Coronation Schnitzel

A new twist on the iconic Coronation Chicken dish, popular at street parties in the UK since 1953, George Egg and The Sausage Man bring you: the Coronation Schnitzel Burger!
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Keyword: Coronation Chicken, Coronation Schnitzel
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Author: George Egg


  • Sharp Knife
  • Frying Pan
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Spoon



  • A schnitzel is pan fried in oil until golden and crispy.
  • A brioche bun, toasted.
  • Mayonnaise is mixed with a little mild curry powder spezial.
  • Flaked almonds are toasted.
  • Golden sultanas are soaked in boiling water to plump them up.
  • The fried schnitzel is sliced up and piled into the bun
  • Top with a generous portion of the curry mayo, the sultanas, almonds
  • Add a little mango chutney, shredded lettuce, fresh coriander and a big squeeze of lemon.