Join us as we visit 5 Of Our Top UK Christmas Markets

In no particular order, we visited our favourite Christmas Markets across the country. From merry-go-rounds and helter-skelters to sizzling sausages on a swing grill, we’ve got the best festive tips for Xmas markets near you…


Christmas is a time for celebration, for staying warm, for being with friends and family, and for indulging in the most heart-warming delicacies.

We begin in Bristol, where you can be sure to find one of our customers preparing our famous Bratwurst in a Bun. There is no debate, this is definitely the best way to start off your tour around one of Britain’s favourite Christmas Markets.

Head on over to the Jäger Barn Bar for a freshly made Glühwein (German equivalent of Mulled Wine) and keep those hands and bellies warm.

You’re now ready to explore – enjoy!


What a time to be in Kingston! Nestled alongside the River Thames, a bit further on from Richmond, we have the Kingston Christmas Market. A calm and quaint spot, ideal for all ages, this market will certainly get you in the Christmas spirit.

Feast your eyes on stocking-fillers galore, with gifts of all shapes and sizes. The market boasts twinkling fairy lights, Christmas carols, and a beautiful, classic Carousel – ideal for kids of all ages!

Once again, the food takes the win. Of course, we recommend any German sausage as always, but if you’re feeling wild then check out the Hog Roast, the cheese stalls, and all the other delicious treats.


Now here’s another favourite. Wander through one of the larger Christmas Markets and explore Manchester under the lights. The market spreads across a number of streets and squares, spilling out across the city, and if you look close enough you might just find Santa sitting on his perch on St. Peter’s Square.

We found ice rinks, winter gardens, live music, and came back with bags full of gifts, and stomachs full of food.


Lincoln Christmas Market is another must-see. Tucked neatly between the famous Norman Castle and the looming Gothic cathedral, the market stretches across the square and flows out onto cobbled streets.

Running from the 1st to the 4th of December, the market is choc-a-bloc full with food stalls from around the world, live music, and of course the wonderful Bailey (a loyal Santa’s helper, and now guardian of the market.)


Stretching the course of the Thames’ Southbank throughout November, December, and early January, this market travels with you along the river, making it impossible not to stop and try all its many delights.

Start at either end and work your way down. Grab a hot mug of mulled wine, hot cider, or a cup of hot chocolate, and you’re ready to go!

This market is a real favourite due to the authenticity of the stalls. Each one different to the next, there’s something for everyone here. Of course, we would recommend our sausages, so maybe start at Oh My Dog (just under the bridge as you head down the stairs from London Bridge) and then save some room for a Churro or two – maybe it’s uncouth for us to suggest something non-German, but we have quite the sweet tooth…

Once you’ve scaled the market, take the short walk across one of the many bridges for a skate in Somerset House’s magical Ice-Skating rink – definitely one for the books!

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

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