Let’s Meet Our Customers

Welcome to the start of our series The Sausage Man Meets. We will be visiting our customers and showing off what they have on offer. In this episode we sent Hannah to check out one of our newer commercial clients. Opened in August 2021, the Four Quarters Arcade Bar located in Elephant & Castle, London.

Retro Arcade Games

With 30 original aracde machines and retro gaming booths, Four Quarters Arcade will transport you right back to your childhood. But this time you get to play with some ace draft beer or cocktails. Who wouldn’t want to play video games and eat hot dogs?!

What’s on the Menu?

We tried two of the hot dogs on the menu, picked by Four Quarters team member, Sadie. First up the Legend of Zel-Dog. Using our Pork Hot Dog, topped with Pickled Red Onions, Ketchup & French Mustard. This may seem simple, but it’s a delicious classic and really, you can’t go wrong!

Arcade Dogs

Next up, the Yoshi Dog. Combine a Pork Hot Dog with Bacon, Pickled Red Onion, Chunky Apple Sauce and English Mustard, and boom a taste sensation, no really!

Organise a visit today

The Four Quarters Arcade Bar is the perfect place to catch up with friends and get competitive over some classic video games. Grab a drink and indulge in one of their delicious Hot Dogs, or other offerings on the menu. If you haven’t visited this Arcade bar yet, we’d recommend putting a date in the diary.

Watch now

Check out our video below, showing you everything the Four Quarters Arcade Bar has to offer. Fun aracde games, which we loved playing on and fantastic food. 

Create your own Arcade Dog

We really, really recommend visting Four Quarters Arcade Bar in Elephant and Castle, London. However, if you fancy recreating these fabulous Aracde themed dogs yourself you can do so simply with our Pork Hot Dog. But make sure you head over to Four Quarters to experience the real thing. With plenty of arcade games to paly on it’s a place you do not want to miss!

The Sausage Man Meets: Prairie Fire

Join us as we pay a visit to Prairie Fire located in Westfield White City. Featuring our Beef Hot Dogs on an amazing American style menu. Find out more about this tasty restaurant today.

Throwing The Best Jubilee Street Party BBQ

The Platinum Jubilee long weekend is just around the corner. Now is a great time to get planning for your own Jubilee Street Party BBQ!

Easy Cheesy Sausage Rolls – Bonus BBQ Session

These Easy Cheesy Sausage Rolls are the perfect addition to any BBQ, party or family gathering – only 20 minutes to make on BBQ or in Oven!

BBQ Summer Sessions – Episode 5: Sausage Salad

MasterChef finalist Chef Phili Armitage-Mattin put a summery spin on the classic Jumbo Bockwurst sausage by making a salad out of it! Wurstsalat is a traditional German dish, beloved in Bavaria and beyond, it’s an awesome cold dish to try on a hot Summer day.

Support For Ukraine

Watching the heart-breaking scenes of the attack on Ukraine unfold makes us feel quite helpless here in the UK. Yet, one small gesture we can make is to address a basic need and contribute to food aid efforts.

High Graded USDA American Beef Steaks

Introducing our NEW American Beef Steaks. The best thing about our new steaks is the quality of the meat, all at the top of the USDA scale. Prime and Choice. Only the best meat is chosen to create these delicious succulent steaks. With 6 steaks to choose from, as well...

6 Simple Steps To Make You A Grill Master

What could be nicer than a juicy, tender steak straight from the grill? In addition to the quality of the meat, the right preparation methods will also make for the perfect eating experience. With a few simple tips, you can become a grill master in moments. We also...

8 Simple Steps For Perfectly Pan Fried Beef Steak

1. PURCHASE With the quality of the raw material, your frying result stands and falls. Beef must be well hung. That’s why our butchers guarantee a maturation period of at least 28 days for all our beef steaks. We also have a handy Grill Master Guide to help you...

Create Your Own Traditional German Currywurst

There are many interpretations as to how you should make a currywurst, these differ in every region of Germany. However everyone from Germany knows the main qualities that make a traditional German currywurst. Just three simple ingredients are required – Sausage, Ketchup & Curry powder.

Sausage Man 2021 Year in Review

12 months and around 10 million sausages later, we thought it was time to have a look back at the year just gone as we gear up for 2022!

Mozers Best Apple Martini in the World

THE BEST APPLE MARTINI IN THE WORLD Others have tried and failed… The Best Apple Martini in the World can only be achieved with the best Apple Liqueur in the world. When you try the Mozer’s Apple Liqueur, you’ll understand how this will be the only Apple Martini...


Blackcurrant Sour The Blackcurrant Sour has a deep currant taste and a beautiful pink colour. Something that looks and tastes this good must be shared.Flavour Blackcurrant, sour-sweet Ingredients 30ml Mozer’s Blackcurrant Brandy 30ml Mozer’s Blackcurrant Liqueur 30ml...

Sausage Man Moves Offices

Our old offices at The Sausage Man were getting way too small. With our fast-growing business and even faster-growing team, we needed more space and fortunately found it right on St Margaret's Farm, where we have been located since 2017. We moved to the very entrance...

BBQ Summer Sessions – Episode 6: Pork Steak with Potato Salad

Showing off the new Pork Shoulder Steak in Beer Marinade cooked on a Weber Master-Touch. Delicious and tender with a side of potato salad plus a rocket and tomato salad. Follow the full recipe now.


German Martini When our fantastic bartender – Tom Dyer – first tasted our Raspberry Spirit and Raspberry Liqueur, he immediately knew exactly what to make with them. The German Martini takes some of the latest trends from the Berlin cocktail scene and knocks them up...


In this BBQ summer session Chef Philli BBQ’s a recipe all the way from Mexico. Introducing the Pork Tacos Al Pastor cooked almost entirely on a barbeque. Check out the full recipe now!

Sausage Man Brings The Brats To The British Open BBQ Championships

The Sausage Man is pleased to announce that we’ll be bringing the Bratwurst for the Sausage Round of British Open BBQ Championships at Smoke & Fire Festival in Colchester. We’ll also be launching a Speed Eating Challenge at the event, with contestants going head-to-head to eat a metre of Bratwurst in the quickest possible time!

BBQ Summer Sessions – Episode 3: Boujie Hot Dog

In this third episode of Chef Philli’s BBQ Summer Sessions, she cooks a classic hot dog on the BBQ but adds a luxurious twist. Showing some chefy flare and creating simple but boujie toppings – we introduce you to Chef Philli’s Boujie Hot Dog. Find the full recipe here and cook along with Chef Philli.

BBQ Summer Sessions – Episode 2: Smoked Jacket Potato Bockwurst

In this second episode of Chef Philli’s BBQ Summer Sessions, she cooks the ultimate comfort food on a BBQ – the jacket potato. Topped with a delicious Bockwurst, this is an amazing smoky sensation. Check out the full recipe now and get those BBQ’s cooking.

BBQ Summer Sessions – Episode 1: Spicy Sausage & Butternut Squash Pizza

In this first episode of Chef Philli’s BBQ Summer Sessions, she shows us just how easy it is to cook a pizza on a BBQ. Say goodbye to pepperoni as we have upgraded to Paprika Debrecener, once you have tried these on your pizza pepperoni will be a thing of the past. Check out the full recipe here and get your pizza grilling!

Chef Bjoern’s Pro Tips – Episode 3: Chilli Beef and Pulled Pork Dog

Learn to make Chef Bjoern’s awesome Chilli Beef and Pulled Pork Hot Dogs, use simple ingredients to create a restaurant style loaded hot dog! Created from a variety of ingredients available from The Sausage Man, this spicy topping is easy to recreate and the taste is truly outstanding!

Cooking with Chef Philli – Episode 7: Krakauer Breakfast Burrito

The final episode of the season and Chef Philli’ is creating a fantastic Krakauer Breakfast Burrito – a Mexican classic in breakfast form – enjoy at home or out as an on the go snack! Find out how to make your own here, and enjoy these awesome tasty treats in the morning!

Cooking with Chef Philli – Episode 6: Mini Vienna Toad in the Hole

Chef Philli’s Mini Vienna Toad in the Hole – another awesome twist on a Great British classic – bite-sized party fare or XXL canape options! Find out how to make your own here, and enjoy these awesome tasty treats tonight!

Chef Bjoern’s Pro Tips – Episode 2: Venison Burger

In this episode, Chef Bjoern takes on the venison, wild boar and pork bratwurst from The Sausage Man, with a side of delicious Potato wedges from Lamb Weston. He shows a traditional way that game meat would be served in Germany. We are sure this combination is something that will impress your family and friends.

Cooking with Chef Philli – Episode 5: Bratwurst Katsu Curry

Episode 5 of Cooking with Chef Philli sees our star making this fantastic fusion of German and Japanese classics! Crispy Karaage Bratwurst, golden brown in Panko breadcrumbs, with delicious Togarashi fries on the side – and covered in delicious Katsu curry sauce.

Chef Bjoern’s Pro Tips – Episode 1: Chilli Beef Hot Dog Toppings

Learn to make Chef Bjoern’s awesome Chilli Beef Hot Dogs, using simple ingredients to create a restaurant quality dish – great for BBQs. Combining a number of ingredients available from The Sausage Man, this topping is easy to recreate and tastes phenomenal!

Cooking with Chef Philli – Episode 4: Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

Learn to make Chef Philli’s Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich Recipe. A breakfast bun with attitude: including the Bratwurst Snail Sausage cooked to perfection, tasty hash browns, American cheese, caramelised onions and a fried egg to top things off! See the video and get the recipe here!