Sausage Man Top 5 UK Christmas Markets

Top 5 Things to Try at a German Xmas Market (for Adults)

Every year around the end of October high streets, parks and town centres, across the UK are transformed into places of wonder. A little bit of festive German magic makes it’s way across Europe and over the English Channel, before materialising in the heart of a town or city near you. These traditional Weihnachtsmarkts, or German Christmas Markets, bring with them a mixture of different foods, drinks and crafts, that have become synonymous with the start of the winter season.

Must Try Xmas Market Experiences

At The Sausage Man we live and breathe German food and drink all year round. So the German Christmas Market season is one of our favourite times of year. Check out our visit to the beautiful Manchester Christmas Market in the video above, where you can find everything in our top 5 list and more. In this quick list we’re going to look at some of our favourite things to try when visiting any Xmas market across the UK.

5: Glühwein (Mulled Wine)

If you’re stopping by your local German Xmas Market, you have to try the traditional Glühwein. There’s nothing more warming on a cold winter’s night that a steaming cup of mulled wine. Mulled wine is made by heating red wine with sugar, orange and spices – like cinnamon, star anise and cloves – often mixed with a hot apple cider for extra flavour. Though you’ll need to be over 18 in the UK to enjoy the alcoholic version, most Xmas markets are increasingly likely to offer a non-alcoholic option too – helping under 18s, teetotallers, and people who need to keep a clear head enjoy this awesome traditional drink.

4: Die Biere (The Beers)

German beer has a reputation around the world for quality. Made in accordance with German Purity Law – Reinheitsgebot. Since 1516, German beer has long been held to a higher standard than beer made elsewhere. Kellerbier (cellar matured beer) is an absolute must try for over 18s.

3: Geist & likör (Spirits & Liqueur)

Germany makes a huge range of liqueurs and spirits. Christmas is a particularly great time to try these for over 18 visitors. Alongside your usual top-shelf options at the bar, you’ll probably find a nice Kirsch (Cherry) or Kräuterlikör (Herbs Liqueur). If you’re lucky and feeling adventurous, you might also find a nice Brand (clear German brandy), made from fresh fruits of every kind. 

2: Local Crafts & Entertainment

German Christmas Markets are always a boon for small local independent businesses and musicians. They offer prime locations for smaller sellers and performers to setup in. Often in spaces or locations that might otherwise be well beyond their means. Giving access to passing trade that is simply not available for the rest of the year. Many Xmas Markets have mainstages for featured performances throughout the season, so be sure to check if there’s a programme to find the best time and date for your visit. We recommend checking out a German Oompah band, especially if you’ve never seen one before!

1: German XMAS MARKET Sausage

You might not be surprised to learn that The Sausage Man endorses German sausage as our top pick for things to experience at the Weihnachtsmarkt. But we do. From the delicious scent on the frosty winter air, to the sizzle it makes on the schwenkgrill (swing grill), German sausage is a pivotal part of anyone’s German Christmas Market experience. Often served from a traditional wooden hut, usually from more than one hut in fact, the sausage maketh the market. From Bratwurst, Krakauer Bacon and Cheesey Frankfurters with crusty rolls through to mouth-watering currywurst and chips. You really can’t go wrong!

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Meadow Croft Christmas Market Food

Meadow Croft, situated in Battlesbridge Essex, serves real Christmas Market Food every year. Holding a variety of events throughout the year, the largest being their annual German Market & Christmas Fair. Last year we visited to see what all the fuss was about for ourselves! 

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