Huge fondue with sausage, potato dippers & pretzel sharing board

Learn how to make this non-standard Simple Fondue Recipe with Chef Philli. Master Chef Professionals 2020 finalist, Chef Philli Armitage-Mattin, joined Lamb Weston and The Sausage Man to create some fantastic food for you to cook along with. Scroll down to find the full recipe and check out the video here now!



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Simple Fondue

In Episode 2 of Cooking with Chef Philli, our star takes us to the Alps with an extremely tasty Simple Fondue recipe that’s great for sharing. Made using non-traditional ingredients, this simple Fondue isn’t made with conventional Swiss cheeses or dippers. Instead Chef Philli created an easy to reproduce recipe with Cheddar and Mozzarella, and dippers available from The Sausage Man and Lamb Weston.

Not just for Après Ski

With many skiing holidays cancelled this year, this Simple Fondue might not be a substitute for the slopes, but it can certainly help recreate the ski-chalet in your living room. Inspired by her own experiences of skiing trips to the Alps, Chef Philli created this recipe using Lamb Weston’s Connoisseur Rustic (Skin-on) Fries and Potato Dippers. She also used Vienna Mini Beef Frankfurters, Vegan Hot Dogs and Baked Pretzels from The Sausage Man. Quick and easy to prepare and a great warming dish for those chillier spring evenings outdoors, the Simple Fondu Sharing Board looks and tastes fantastic.

Easy even without a Fondue set

We know that not everyone has access to a full Fondue set at home, but this dish is easy to make without one. Either heat your fondue sauce and poor on top of your sharing board, straight from the hob, or serve in ramekins for dipping. You can also keep your Simple Fondue warm with a simple tealight kept under your saucepan, at a push.

Simple Fondue Sharing Board

Huge fondue sharing board with potato, pretzel, and sausage dunkers
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Keyword: Simple Fondue
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Author: Chef Philli Armitage-Mattin


  • 1 tbsp Flour
  • 1 tbsp Butter
  • 200ml White wine
  • 500ml Whole milk
  • 200g Cheddar
  • 200g Mozzarella
  • 1 tsp Chives chopped
  • Pack of 14 Vienna Mini Beef Frankfurters
  • 400g Connoisseur Rustic Skin-on Fries
  • 400g Potato Dippers
  • 3 Baked Pretzels
  • 3 Vegan Hot Dogs
  • Cooking oil As needed


  • [If oven cooking your potato dunkers, start by pre-heat your oven to 200⁰C (180⁰C for fan ovens). Place your chips in baking trays, spreading them out, and Cook for 20 to 30 minutes. Turn half way through cooking.]

Simple Fondue Creamy Cheese Sauce

  • Melt your butter in a saucepan, mixing in your flour to form a roux. Add your white wine and let it reduce by half, stirring continuously as it thickens.
  • Start to gradually add the milk to your béchamel, a little at a time, stirring it together as you go. We add a little at a time, otherwise your sauce may curdle and get lumpy.
  • Melt in both cheeses into your sauce, folding the mixture together until it gets all stringy, oozy and delicious. Finish with your chives. Keep your simple Fondue cheese sauce simmering on a low heat while you prepare your dippers.

Simple Fondue Dunkers

  • Prepare a water bath for your Vegan Hot Dogs, at about 80 to 90 degrees Celsius. Place the Vegan Hot Dogs in the water until they are hot throughout (about 5 to 10 mins).
  • Fry your Mini Vienna Beef Franks in a shallow pan with a little bit of oil, turning during cooking, until they begin to brown on both sides (5 to 7 minutes).
  • Use a deep fryer or oven to prepare your chips, cooking the Connoisseur Rustic Fries and Potato Dippers until they’re crispy and golden. Deep fry for 5 to 7 mins. If oven cooking, your chips should already be on!
  • Place your Baked Pretzel in a pre-heated oven at 200⁰C (180⁰C for fan ovens) for 5 to 6 minutes, until thoroughly heated through.

Serve and Enjoy

  • Heap all the dippers on to a wooden serving board or platter. Pour over the hot cheese sauce and/or serve it on the side for dipping. Dig in, get dunking, and enjoy!