German Products in UK

German Products in UK: Choose Only the Best!

Have you had a look at our brochure? Astonishing, isn't it? What's even more astonishing is the fact that we keep adding new products constantly. We really do: we update our brochure so often we can't really keep track of our back issues! Always making sure the products we import are EXACTLY what you guys need. And, of course, let's not forget the incredible quality of each and every single thing we stock. Beautiful. Please visit our testimonials page to find out what our customers say about us.

For more information on German products in UK please get in touch with us and we will advice you on the perfect products for your business as well as stock, delivery and prices.

So, you have an exciting catering business and need great quality German products for your discerning customers... You've come to the right place! Take a look below.

Quality, Quality, Quality!

That's right. When it comes to German products in UK you want to have the SAME quality as if you were buying the products in Germany. And that's what we're all about: premium quality German products. Full stop. We really make it our priority to import only the best. If you are curious but not sure, why not order a sample box? You'll be surprised at the quality of our fantastic products for sure! 

More and More Products... Amazing Brochure!

Our brochure keeps growing. Here's the thing: we learn as we go along about the very products our customers want and need. At the same time, we also source from the best butchers in Germany. It's a win win. Seriously. We make sure every hot dog, German sausage and other products are well tested and as well tasted! We also are very fussy with quality of ingredients and processes. We have also created our own products and we're not happy with something until we think we can't better it. 

German Products in UK: Bratwurst & Spaetzle
German Products in UK: Oktoberfest Products

Our plethora of incredible products range from your every day hot dog to discerning Oktoberfest and Christmas products. We change our brochure according to the different festivals and seasons to accommodate your needs.

Oktoberfest, Christmas & Our Regular Stock

We make sure to import all the different products according to season and festivities. For example, for Oktoberfest and Christmas our brochure changes 'cover' as well as the products we import. Mulled wine is a must during the Christmas season, while the Weisswurst is an Oktoberfest product we supply from our award winning butchers in Germany. Those are just examples, you really have to go through our brochure to get a sense of the diversity and quality of the whole range we provide. 

Who Exactly is The Sausage Man?

The Sausage Man is a fantastic team of dedicated experts bringing you the best German products to the UK market. Each of us knows what catering businesses need when it comes to German products. We also provide custom sizes for many of our hot dogs and sausages, please call for more information.

Our German Products are a Must!

Get in touch to find out about our discerning German product range, what we can offer you as part of the sample box, stock, delivery, prices, shelf-life, etc. We look forward to becoming your German products distributors here in the UK!

If you're interested in German products in UK get in touch with us today. 

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