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Looking for the German Bratwurst?

Perhaps you're looking for German bratwursts instead of weisswursts... That's ok, many people get confused with the names. Not to worry, we do supply wholesale bratwurst too! Hop over to the bratwurst page and contact us for more information on stock, deliveries, cost and more! 

wholesale bratwurst UK suppliers

Enhance Your Product Range With Our Wonderful Weisswurst at Wholesale Prices!

This signature sausage comes from the Bavarian region, its name literally meaning 'white sausage'. It is a traditional sausage in Germany made of minced pork and veal and usually boiled. Other ingredients are added to enhance the flavours like parsley, onions and cardamom amongst others. These sausages are shorted than some of our other products but packed with lovely flavour.

A Tasty Weisswurst UK Distributed for Over 10 Years Now

These sausages are traditionally consumed in the morning. We import them from Germany every week and you are assured premium quality. We can also supply you with German mustard to make sure you have the right topping for your delicious weisswurst. Serve with pretzels (or brezelns) to complete your dish - we can also provide you with normal or giant pretzels, contact us for more information.


Our Wholesale Weisswursts Come From Award Winning Butchers in Germany

There is a lot of history behind the Weisswurst and we love it. Born over 150 years ago, Germany produces millions of these sausages every year. Its white colour is part of the tradition around this sausage along with the specs of green (parsley) which shows off the freshness and aromatic flavours. Make sure to find out how this sausage is eaten as it will help if you're incorporating it new to your menu.

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A Real Delicacy

A real delicacy amongst Bavarians, you need to try this sausage if you are thinking of expanding your menu in search of something different that will add a true German touch to your repertoire. If you are a German restaurant outside Germany and are looking to source delicious, authentic weisswurst contact us today. We will be able to advice you on everything regarding this sausage and any of our premium products: from quantities to unbeatable wholesale prices.

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The Specks of Green Denotes its Freshness!

This sausage is such a true addition to any catering business who wants to delight its customers with German traditional food. A great product also if you are having an Oktoberfest event. We can also supply you with all other Oktoberfest products needed to make your party a total success, including signs to your party, ornaments, pretzel stand and more. We can sell it in bulk but we can also provide business with smaller quantities.

Weisswurst sausages wholesale UK suppliers and distributors The Sausage Man

Perfect for Your Oktoberfest Event

This sausage offers a wonderfully creamy texture adding sophistication to your plate. Mixed with the colours of our German mustard it looks truly delicious and will delight your customers. The casing is not eaten; only the tasty meat inside. Beautiful from beginning to end, this German masterpiece should not be given a miss!

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Ask About Buying in Bulk

Need large quantities of Weisswurst in the UK or overseas? No problem! Ask us about buying in bulk and we will be very happy to assist you with your query. We customise sausages sizes also so make sure to download our brochure and have a look at our extensive product range.

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We’ve been weisswurst distributors in the UK for many years now, but we supply catering and food related businesses with a plethora of premium products. Browse our brochure and look at the different specialties we can supply you with. If you require special sizes do let us know because we can offer custom sizes as well. If there is a particular product you are thinking of or need for your business do contact us so we can help you with your query.

View and download our brochure now so you can look at our current weisswurst prices. Come back every once in a while to download our latest brochure, you’ll find we keep adding new products all the time!

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