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A great product in terms of taste and quality. With a fantastic aroma, this popular ham can be stored for months without losing its particular flavour. With such a characteristic colour this product is considered a favourite among cold meat lovers. This product has been called 'the champagne of meats' because of its wonderful and particular characteristics. A must to any deli or charcuterie wanting to impress discerning customers. Buy Black Forest Ham with The Sausage Man to ensure taste & quality!

Black forest ham wholesale UK suppliers and distributors The Sausage Man

Certified by the European Union

Produced in the beautiful Black Forest region, these hams have been certified by the European Union in order to claim their region/name officially. Being the absolute best selling smoked ham in the European continent, it deserves the attention of chefs, restauranteurs, pub owners and the like. You can learn more about the ham on this Wikipedia page. Remember that we are a UK's premium wholesalers, each and every one of our products has been carefully selected. 

Black forest ham wholesale UK suppliers and distributors The Sausage Man

Importing from the Best Butchers in Germany

The Sausage Man only imports from the best butchers in Germany. All products have been carefully selected and we have made sure that our Black Forest hams have also gone through the exact same process. This boneless beauty is a product we're very proud of: the way the ham is made has been preserved for many centuries. What you are purchasing is not just great flavour and texture, but history itself.

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A Favourite of Chefs, Restaurants, Delis and Many Caterers throughout UK

A delicacy, this ham has become an inspiring ingredient for many chefs. With a myriad of recipes to go for, this ham will satisfy any palette, no matter how demanding. Charcuteries, delis and other catering businesses consider this ham an essential part of their product range. A wonderful delicacy, this product is the pride and glory of many restauranteurs and chefs.

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