a guide To our sausage sizes & lengths

As with any food product, the measurements of our sausages and other Authentic German foods are approximations based on the averages of any given line. Though we aim for uniformity, some sausages may come out longer or shorter, skinnier or fatter from pack to pack (and sometimes even within a pack).

Some of our producers in Germany concentrate on achieving an accurate set weight with only approximate sizes, while others aim for an exact size (say, all sausages will be 28cm or over) and label when there is a slight variance in the weight. Though some are made with the precision engineering of Volkswagen (like the VW Currywurst), some are crafted lovingly by hand (like the Vienna Beef Mini Franks). Sausage making is a mixture between art and science in this respect.

Please note that most of our sausages will arrive at your door frozen. You will find that once they are out of their packaging and thoroughly defrosted, they get larger. Once they’re cooked through, they’ll get even larger still (the meat swelling is one of the signs that they’re hot through). Below you can find a few examples of the weights and sizes you can expect from our sausages. 

200gr 30cm / 11.80in Footlong Krakauer / Footlong Bratwurst
165gr 30cm / 11.80in Footlong Hot Dog
160gr 26cm / 10.23in Chilli Beef Sausage
150gr 22cm / 8.66in XXL Bratwurst / XXL Bacon Frankfurter / XXL Cheese Frankfurter
110gr 26cm / 10.23in
19cm / 7.48in
Beef Hot Dog / Pork Hot Dog
Jumbo Frankfurter / Jumbo Beef
100gr 18cm / 7.08in Vegan Frankfruter
80gr 18cm / 7.08in
16cm / 6.29in
Beef Hot Dog / Pork Hot Dog
Weisswurst / Paprika Sausage
55gr 20cm / 7.87in Vienna Frankfurter
25gr Custom Chipolata Sausages (or Mini Vienna Hot Dogs)


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Our hot dogs are 100% filler and gluten FREE with spices and herbs grown by farmers around the world.

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