Black Forest Ham: a Delicacy that Must be Tasted

Black Forest Ham is a delicacy - the actual name is a Protected Designation of Origin in the EU. This means that when you get the ham, you're getting a spectacular product from the Black Forest area in Germany. The Sausage Man imports this wonderful delicacy and supply it throughout the UK. Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about our premium Black Forest Ham. Also visit our testimonials page to find out what our customers say about us.

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This is not just 'any' ham!

This is a product that sometimes takes up to 3 months when being prepared. This ham has been salted and seasoned with different spices including pepper, juniper berries and coriander. It is left in the curing process for around two weeks; then the salt will be finally removed leaving the ham to cure for another two weeks or so. The smoking takes place using juniper brush or sawdust and fir for a few weeks. The smoking procedure is known as 'cold-smoke'. Over time, while curing, the colour will turn almost black (only on the outside, of course), and its particular flavour starts developing. The Black Forest Ham is then air-cured for another two weeks at least before it can be supplied to customers.

Boneless and packed with flavour

Unlike the popular spanish 'Serrano ham', the Black Forest ham is boneless. It is also very well known for its pronounced flavour. This ham is very popular in Germany and Germans eat it in many different ways (with bread, on its own or as the perfect ingredient in some German dishes).

With the right storage Black Forest Ham can really last for a long time, even months. The ideal temperature for serving is room temperature.

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A delicacy for discerning customers

Anyone who has tried this ham before would be able to recognise its wonderful flavour. The aromatic scent is unmistakable. The unique recipe and typical black colour makes this a superb choice for your discerning customers. We truly recommend this product.

Delightful and unique

Black Forest Ham is most definitely a delicacy and perfect for delis, restaurants and other catering businesses that pride themselves in offering unique and refined products. With over 10 years experience importing hot dogs and German sausages from Germany on a weekly basis we're proud to bring to the UK a superb Black Forest Ham that our customers love.

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