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Hot Dog Toppings - UK Suppliers

Delicious hot dog cart toppings unbeatable in price & taste!

Meat Hot Dog Toppings

Quality meat based wholesale hotdog toppings for the discerning customer.

Smoked Bacon Rashers

Very thinly sliced bacon (similar to streaky bacon / pancetta).
Add as crispy topping rather than a slice of meat!
Naturally smoked.
Price: £6.99 per kg

Bacon Rashers Wholesale UK
Chilli con Carne Wholesale UK

Chilli Con Carne

Hot and tasty made with 27% beef, kidney beans, peppers and onions.
A chilled product freshly made with the finest ingredients.
Price: £7.99 per kg

BBQ Flavoured Pulled Pork

BBQ flavoured pulled pork.
Slow cooked, boneless and ready pulled.
Price: £7.99 per kg

Pulled Pork Wholesale UK

Veggie Hot Dog Toppings

Try our vegetarian wholesale hotdog toppings: popular and delicious!

Jalapeños Wholesale UK

Marco Polo Sliced Jalapeños

Marco Polo, sliced green jalapeños
Price: £4.99 per 3kg tin 

German Premium Gherkins

Made with fresh dill, naturally herbs and mustard seeds.
Price: £13.50 per 10kg tin

Gherkins Wholesale UK
Sauerkraut Wholesale UK

Sauerkraut Topping

Mild, ready to eat.
A great addition to hot dog stand toppings.
Price: £13.50 per 10kg tin 

Crispy Fried Onions

Ready to use.
Garnish the hot dog.
Price: £4.99 per Kg

Crispy Fried Onions Wholesale
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