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Price (per kg): £6.99
Unit Price: 77p per sausage
Length: 20cm

100% Halal and Packed With Turkey Meat!

We have added a new product to our extensive range: Halal hog dogs. Slaughtered in the traditional way, our tasty Halal hot dog places itself in the market strongly: we have created a sausage to our own specifications due to popular demand and that makes it a gourmet hot dog that needs to be taken into consideration. Everything about it has been planned accordingly: from the looks to the texture and tasty flavours.

Halal hot dogs wholesale UK suppliers and distributors The Sausage Man

110g Weight, 9.5in Length, Pre-Cooked & Smoked

Our beautiful new product is delicious and deserving to be a popular choice among our most discerning customers. Being a frankfurter this sausage is versatile and can be consumed in many different ways. This tasty hot dog makes a fantastic choice for those who are looking into consuming Halal but considering something a little different. With the perfect ingredients and our experience in importing only the best hot dogs and sausages our Halal hot dog will surely position itself highly in our list of popular products!

Halal sausages wholesale UK suppliers and distributors The Sausage Man

From a Bavarian Firm with Long Standing Tradition

IFS and Halal certified. The producer of this sausage is a Bavarian firm with long standing tradition in the field. We are very proud that the Halal hot dog is made by a business that is family run; making it a carefully prepared product as opposed to the sausages that have been made in the bigger factories.

Halal Frankfurters Wholesale UK Suppliers The Sausage man

Sausage Man’s Own Halal Certificate


Stricly Adhered to the Slaughtering Islamic Rules

Our Halal hot dog strictly adheres to slaughtering Islamic rules. We have gone a long way to ensure this sausage ticks all the boxes. A beautiful specimen, it really adds to anyone looking into offering their customers a more complete product range. 

FREE FROM: Gelantine, Flavour enhancer such as MSG, Seasoning, Artificial aromas, Artificial colourings, Genetically modified foods, Ray Treated raw materials and ingredients, Gluten, Lactose.

Halal hot dog sausages wholesale UK suppliers and distributors The Sausage Man

IFS Certified, Halal Certified

As usual, we are very proud of our Halal hot dog. We offer great  quality at unbeatable prices. Our tasty frankfurter has been carefully planned with a premium butcher in Germany. All the ingredients are top quality which makes this sausage a real gem in any deli, restaurant or catering business. Make sure you cater for all your customers and don't leave anyone out. If you have any queries regarding the certification please contact us and we will be happy to help with any queries you may have.

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