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When it comes to vegan hot dogs in the UK, The Sausage Man is a premium supplier.

Creating a Delicious Vegan Hot Dog

There are a lot of people who are interested in making the switch to Veganism, but feel as though it would require sacrificing some of their favourite foods. The vegan movement will continue to progress slowly as long as people are still viewing animals as the most delicious part of their meal. However, they might be surprised to learn that a lot of their favourite dishes have been recreated without the use of any animal products. The delicious vegan hot dog is a perfect example of this superior substitution. And nobody makes better hot dogs than the Germans! We all salivate at the word 'Frankfurter', don't we? :

As with most vegan recreations, the hardest part is always finding an adequate substitute for the animal products that not only tastes great but retains some of the enjoyed flavour of the original dish. Once people realize they can enjoy vegan variations of their favourite dishes without sacrificing flavour they won't be so hesitant to make the switch.

Pre-Packaged Vegan Hot Dogs

There are a few different options when it comes to delicious vegan substitutions for hot dogs. These frankfurters have such a bold and unique flavour that recreating it properly can be difficult by hand. Luckily, many stores already sell their own animal-free variations. Those who don't feel like taking the time to put it all together themselves can simply purchase one of these healthy, pre-packaged solutions at the store and then create their favourite meals without all of the extra work.

The Sausage Man has surely identified the need for this product and imports a fantastic vegan bockwurst to die for. As with all products, the sausage comes from premium quality suppliers and will delight the discerning customer!

Prefer to Prepare It at Home? Try Your Own DIY Vegan Hot Dog!

Part of being a vegan is learning how to cook vegan dishes. Sure, you can purchase these delicious hot dogs from us if you're a caterer or, for example, deli owner. But maybe you just want to enjoy a lovely vegan sausage at home without having to purchase it somewhere. Well, there are a lot of great vegan bratwurst and sausage substitutions on the market, but you can also try making it at home with rather simple ingredients. 

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The key to delicious homemade vegan bratwurst is the beans. The beans create shape and texture of the sausage while also adding a lot of the nutrients. The added spices then give the bold, unique flavour people love. Our bockwurst is made with seitan, which can be truly delicious.

White kidney beans and cannellini beans are both ideal for recreating a vegan bratwurst, for example. They are easy to work with and provide the light colour that bratwurst is known for. The beans should be blended in a processor along with seasonings like onion powder, nutmeg, and parsley. This will create an almost dough-like substance that is nearly ready to shape.

The next key ingredient is the gluten. A wheat gluten should be used and added to the processed beans and spices. Gluten is added a little at a time until the mixture becomes very easy to mold. The dough is then wrapped in aluminium foil in a sausage shape. Finally, the wrapped vegan sausages are steamed until complete. Yummy.

The Sausage Vegan Secret

This trick can actually be used to create just about any sausage based dish. With great sausages once again being on the table, there's no reason for anyone to avoid the vegan lifestyle!

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