Vegan Hot Dogs: an Interview With The Sausage Man

Buy in bulk wholesale vegan hot dog sausages with The Sausage Man. These sausages are beautiful in texture and flavour. Not gluten free.

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Questions and answers The Sausage Man about the wholesale vegan sausages, part of their extensive product range.

Vegan sausages seem to be very popular nowadays. You've started importing vegan hot dogs which I'm sure is due to the higher and higher demand for this particular range of product. Can you tell the reader when did you make the decision, why and where do you source your vegan sausages from.

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The vegan bockwurst is a fairly recent addition to our range, we decided to include either a vegetarian or vegan sausage into our range as the demand for it grew bigger in the last few years. We approached many producers and tasted quite a few different vegetarian and vegan sausages until we found one product that reflect our quality standard.

There are many types of different veggie and vegan products. What are the ingredients in your particular one?

The main ingredient in our vegan hot dog is seitan, which is made of a chewy protein-rich food made from wheat gluten. In addition, there is rapeseed oil and yeast extract amongst a few other ingredients.

Are you planning on importing other different vegan German products? Or maybe vegetarian

At the moment, we are actively promoting the vegan bockwurst. If we see there is more interest in other vegan and vegetarian products, we will certainly look to keep up with a growing demand.

What made you choose the one you decided to import over any other choices. What was the decisive factor.

Mainly flavour and texture. Our product is as close to a meat hot dog as it gets.

Do you see yourselves in the future also being known as 'The Vegan German Sausage Importers'? Is this something that your brand can carry as, let's say, line extension without any damage to the current perception existing and potential customers have of The Sausage Man?

Maybe, who knows. That remains to be seen.

Maybe we should have a vegan Oktoberfest. That would be an interesting project to carry through.

Yes, I think we should. We sell vegan hot dogs and drink steins of apple juice lol.

Are your vegan sausages also gluten free?

No, they are not. In actual fact, our vegan sausages are made of wheat gluten, but our meat sausages are all gluten free.

Will you eventually bring different varieties? (e.g. smoked, unsmoked, with vegetables instead of seitan, with particular flavours, etc.)

We will certainly keep an eye on the market as to what is available, and if there are good quality vegetarian sausages with interesting flavours, we will definitely include them into our range.

Finally, I know you love your bratwurst, what do you personally think of the 'vegan German sausage' option in terms of flavour, texture and overall quality?

Honestly, for a non-meaty hot dog, it is very good. If you tried it blindfolded, you might mistake it for the original!

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