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What is Spaetzle?

Spatezle is the German version of pasta and we have been importing this delicious product to the UK since 2008. Spaetzle stands for 'little sparrow', because of the actual shape of this particular pasta. It can be served on its own or as a side dish. Germans love it - it is a very popular dish in the south of Germany so we wanted to make sure that catering services in the UK could offer this tasty dish we're so very proud of!

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Only the Best Ingredients: No Allergens & Gluten Free!

Our Spaetzle is made with the finest ingredients and will stay fresh for 2 weeks (shelf life). There are many recipes around to check if you're on the lookout for something different as well. This is a great dish to accompany with meat dishes as well, so make sure to check out the rest of the products we offer in our brochure for the best quality hot dogs and German sausages around! With unbeatable wholesale prices - when it comes to bulk as well as smaller quantities - our products are second to none. We only source from the best in Germany so rest assured the highest quality ingredients have been used when it comes to the products we supply you with.

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Fresh for 2 Weeks

There's no doubt that the high quality ingredients make a difference to the products we supply. This fantastic egg pasta has all the benefits from premium quality ingredients together with the superb benefits. these sort of ingredients offer. In good hands, dedicated cooks will make of our Spaetzle a delightful dish! Remember that Spaetzle is moister than Italian pasta as well as a little softer. The origin of this dish dates back to early 1700s so we are truly proud to have a pasta dish that is a fantastic addition to our already succulent cuisine!

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All the Way from Germany

We import our products once a week all the way from Germany. We recommend that you pan fry this particular product with butter for a great flavoured dish. Here's an interesting article on the Spaetzle history which includes a wonderful collection of the tools used to make it, according to the different shapes together with some facts about the delicious batter, types and styles. A wonderful resource if this is a dish that has caught your attention and interest!

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500gr Per Pack

At 500gr per pack you'll be able to supply your discerning customers with this fantastic German dish. Good to eat with Gulyas (Goulash) or a good sausage stew, we can assure you it won't disappoint the most discerning foodie. Please contact us for more information regarding our wholesale German egg pasta product and we will be more than happy to advice you regarding stock, availability and price.

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Spaetzle German egg pasta is just one of our many premium products imported directly from Germany on a weekly basis. All our hot dogs, sausages and cold meats come from award winning butchers in Germany. You can buy in bulk with us as well as ask us for any custom sizes you need regarding our hot dogs and sausages for your particular catering business. If you need to contact us for help and advice regarding any of our products please use the form in the contact page or call us using the number below.

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