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Find here some images we have put together in this blog post. Some of them show us having fun (we like party every now and then when it is time to celebrate a special occasion!), some feature a few dishes from the products we supply and some show our everyday life at our warehouse. We […]

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Hot Dog Manufacturers UK Based Explain their Selection Process

Hot Dog Manufacturers in UK The Sausage Man on Their Selection Process The Sausage Man has always been defined by its high standards and award winning products. But do you know how the hot dog manufacturing process works and what drives the company to choose their particular hot dogs? Below The Sausage Man discusses how better products will […]

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Why We Are Your Premier German Sausage Company in the UK

The Sausage Man is a Premier German Sausage Company in the UK We’ve been importing premium quality German products to the UK for over 10 years now. We supply discerning catering businesses with top of the range German sausages, hot dogs and other speciality German products. We are an established business and keep adding new […]

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Exporting Our Hot Dogs & Frankfurters Worldwide

Exporting Our Hot Dogs & Frankfurters Worldwide Our product range has become well known oversees – having been importing good quality hot dogs, Frankfurters and German sausages for a number of years now to the UK we are also supplying demand abroad. Exporting Our Products Worldwide: Europe, USA, Asia & MoreIf your business in need of ‘proper […]

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The Sausage Man