Oktoberfest at Home

The Sausage Man provides everything for your Oktoberfest

Please note that this footage was recorded before the recent guidance about Social Distancing, and that we would advise all our customers to stay Corona safe when organising a “rule of six” compliant Oktoberfest at Home during the ongoing pandemic.

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Oktoberfest at Home

The Sausage Man loves Oktoberfest. We love Oktoberfest food. We love the beer, and we love the good times. But this year we know Oktoberfest is going to look very different. Getting through the current crisis means making compromises. In the hope we will once again be able to celebrate Oktoberfest on a grander scale in future, we may need to keep things smaller in 2020.    

Rule of six  

Social distancing guidelines are in place to slow the spread of COVID 19. The “rule of six” currently applies across the UK. Many of the planned Oktoberfest events are now in question. But, at The Sausage Man, we want to help make sure your lederhosen don’t just gather dust in 2020. As long as it remains safe to do so, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the atmosphere of Oktoberfest at home. Please abide by all the relevant guidance of the day (of course).  

Social Distancing 

Anyone who has been to a big Oktoberfest event will be familiar with the packed tables and boisterous toasting. But the only way to do it safely now is to maintain social distancing as you prost! If you are mixing with up to five members of other households, you should still strive to keep a safe distance between each guest where possible. Note any local/national rule changes that might impact your plans. Keeping a safe distance shouldn’t impact your fun. You’ll still be able to enjoy awesome Oktoberfest at home food and drink from The Sausage Man.    

Authentic Oktoberfest Fare    

Oktoberfest for us is very much about sharing authentic German fare with our friends and family. From big Bratwurst, mini Nürnberger and Game Sausage, to the traditional Weiswurst. The Sausage Man has it all. We also supply traditional dishes of Pork Knuckle and Pork Neck Steaks, to Schnitzel and Leberkäse. We make sure you have all the Oktoberfest food you need to make a true celebration at home.  

Traditional Oktoberfest Decorations 

At The Sausage Man you can also find a range of different Oktoberfest at home decorations. With garlands and flag chains, napkins and table cloths, paper plates and balloons. All in the traditional Bavarian colours. If you want to go all the way in your Oktoberfest at home food and decorations, The Sausage Man can definitely deliver.      

Please Prost Responsibly 

Alcohol can lead to lapses in judgement that might not mix well with social distancing measures. This makes it important to exercise some restraint when enjoying beer in mixed company during the ongoing pandemic. It isn’t the first time that a highly communicable health issue has halted Oktoberfest. With at least three separate outbreaks putting paid to celebrations in the Nineteenth Century. So please, whenever you top up your Stein, try to maintain your social distance with people from outside of your household.  

Oktoberfest Online   

We know that guidance on social gatherings may have changed by the time you come to read this. In some parts of the UK, social gatherings with people outside of your immediate household have already been restricted. If you’re planning on hosting an online Oktoberfest at home with your friends, then why not add a themed backdrop to your digital meeting room? A shot like the one below can simulate a Himmel von Bayern (Heaven of Bavaria) beer tent from your sofa, while we all wait to see the real thing once more.   

Presenting new products

And these are our new products we are launching for the Oktoberfest

Schweinshaxe | Roasted Pork Knuckle

Roasted Pork Knuckle might be known to some in the UK as “Ham Hock”, but the German version is not brined and is usually served roasted on the bone. It’s slightly smoky flavour is a must try, for a truly authentic Oktoberfest experience.

Authentic Oktoberfest Fare

If you have been to an Oktoberfest event in the UK, then the chances are good that you’ve already tried this dish. We have been supplying German Pork Knuckle to event organisers in the UK for over 15 years, directly from one of our German Master Butchers, so you can be certain that this Schweinshaxe will be exactly as you’ve had it before.


Grilled Pork Neck End Steaks

These German Pork Neck End Steaks are tender cuts, cooked slowly to make them extremely tender and juicy and they are fully seasoned. They pair perfectly with a helping of Sauerkraut and an Essiggurken (Gherkin). They also go down well with a stein of Helles beer, for that real Oktoberfest feel.


Venison, Wild boar & Pork Bratwurst

These flavourful German Game Sausages are an Oktoberfest staple. The rich meaty taste comes from the combination of venison, wild boar and pork meat, making for a bratwurst that’s hard to beat. 

These authentic German Game Bratwurst are handmade by master butchers in Germany. The venison and wild boar comes from the hunting ranges of German royalty, sourced locally by an award winning German Master Butcher, and is certified in accordance with the high standards of German game meat.

Rote Grütze | Red Berry Compote

The perfect dessert. Goes well with vanilla icecream or vanilla custard.

Gelbe Grütze | Yellow Fruit Compote

The perfect dessert. Goes well with vanilla icecream or vanilla custard.