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German Sauces Wholesale – Interview with The Sausage Man

Who doesn’t enjoy a great curry ketchup sauce with their favourite frankfurter? Yep, we surely do! Find below an interview with The Sausage Man ON what makes them choose their top quality sauces, how their range can look really stylish (they can look incredibly good on the table) and their unbeatable prices.For more information on wholesale […]

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Hot Dog Distributors Discuss Ambient Sausages

At The Sausage Man we provide the UK with high quality German hot dogs and sausages as well as other premium German products and cold meats. For more information please contact us today. As UK hot dog distributors we wanted to discuss the problem with ambient sausages. If you have any comments or questions please leave […]

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Learn About Black Forest Ham

Black Forest ham has proven time and time again to be a very popular ham because of its flavour and quality. In this article we cover the basis regarding what you should know about this particular ham. We will look at different characteristics and also storage – something you should keep in mind if you’re planning on purchasing this delicious cold meat from The Sausage Man.

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Beef Chili Frankfurter: Interview with The Sausage Man

Now you can buy delicious beef chili hot dogs (frankfurters) with The Sausage Man. Please visit us often as we continuously add new products to our already varied range. The beef chili frankfurters are delicious; the hint of chili is not overpowering and the level of heat is perfect. See what the Sausage Man has to say about this product below.

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The Sausage Man